Pablo Escobar’s brother accuses Musk of stealing his idea for an invention

Roberto Escobar, the bro of the well-known Pablo Escobar, charges Elon Musk of having actually swiped his concept for a creation that has actually led the American million bucks.

An associate designer of Elon Musk would certainly have gone to Roberto Escobar’s company at some point in the summertime of 2017. Back then, Escobar would certainly have talked with the designer to develop a “plaything weapon.”

It appears that the talks have actually not progressed. That’s why Escobar was surprised when The Boring Company revealed it was establishing a fire thrower in January 2018. It appears that the bro of the previous pusher is mad and also believes to provide the designer/ business to take legal action against.

Escobar is currently really not likely to win. At some point, if there is no proof, the disagreement will certainly be summarized in his point of view versus the designer’s viewpoint.

Musk’s weapon is not actually a fire thrower, and also the name “Not a Flamethrower” recommends this. The gadget was made in a restricted version (20,000 devices) as well as was offered each with $ 500. I indicate, Elon Musk obtained $ 10 million from a fire, we can claim.

Escobar offers fire throwers, publications and also tee shirts to the website

If you desire such an item you can acquire one from Escobar. Yes, he additionally has one available for sale as well as prices just $ 250, below $ 500. It looks like Musk’s gadget as well as most likely functions.

I believe we melted numerous billions of bucks over the years. Escobar Inc.

It appears that individuals that desire to melt cash additionally value price cuts.

Roberto Escobar claims Musk swiped from him, yet he’s prepared to forgive him “for $ 100 million. When you were a child, I was leading the globe. You did a couple of billions of bucks, however that was what I did in 2 weeks.

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