What is the best way to transfer money: Money Gram, Western Union or Revolut?

The money transfer process has become quite easy. Whether it’s money transfer through MoneyGram, Western Union or Revolut, you options. We analyzed what each one offers.

The money transfer services like Money Gram are becoming more diverse and each has its advantages and disadvantages. We chose three of the most popular options of this kind. I explained to you below what each of you can offer in order to choose the option that suits you best. If you have Revolution, it should be your life a little lighter.

How do you make money transfer with MoneyGram

The steps you have to follow if you want to make a MoneyGram money transfer are pretty simple. To begin with, you must go to a MoneyGram partner site and have your photo ID and full name of the recipient and country of destination prepared. If you want to send your money to a bank account, you will also need the bank’s name and the recipient’s account number.

Once you complete a submission form, you will receive a proof of payment. On this you will find an eight-digit reference number to communicate to the recipient so he can collect the money. As for a MoneyGram money transfer directly to a bank account, the amount will go directly to the recipient’s account.

You must know that MoneyGram will also charge you for these transactions. It varies depending on the amount and place to which you send the money. To find out exactly how much it will cost you to make a transfer, you can get an estimate here after completing some data.

For example, if you want to send 1,000 euros from Italy to Romania, the commission is quite high, 40 euros.

How can you make money transfer via Western Union

Western Union’s advantage over MoneyGram is that transactions can also be made online. So, you do not necessarily need to go to a Western Union location to send money, but you can pay directly with the card. The money can either be raised in cash or can go directly to the recipient’s account.

Western Union also charges commissions for a money transfer. You can calculate exactly the amount the service will ask you here. Compared to MoneyGram, Western Union charges a fee of € 20 for a sum of € 1000 sent from Italy to Romania.

The limit that the money transfer service imposes is 5000 euro over a three-day period for online transactions. With regard to money sent in person at Western Union locations, you can send as much money as you like.

How do you send money through Revolut?

Revolution is perhaps the most practical and cheapest money transfer option. All you have to do is order your Revolut card, which gets into your post box after you pay 27 lei. After you pay this amount, all transactions made do not hide any commissions behind you.

To be able to send money you will use your personal account from any bank that you connect to the Revolut card. This way, you can send money to other people directly from the app and you will only need the phone number of the other.

The downside is that the recipient must also hold a Revolut card in order to receive money. Once you click “Send,” the other will receive the amount in just a few seconds. The best part is that all transactions are free and you do not have to worry about hidden fees anymore.

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